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Ballet Uniform!

Ballet Uniforms can be purchased online or in store from Dance World, Dublin.  

Please follow the link below for our uniform list for all ballet classes.



Modern Theatre

Modern Theatre uniform will be ordered by the school when there is sufficient demand


Intermediates and Seniors 1 

Kingfisher catsuit
Seniors 2, Advanced and Vocationals
Leotard and Leggings arranged by the school
Please note that Seniors 2 should continue to wear the Kingfisher Catsuit until they have outgrown it 
Boys Uniform
Tiny Tots and Junior Ballet
Own choice of  shorts/leggings and t shirt
White or Black Ballet shoes
Pre - Primary to Grade 3
Freed Shorts and T Shirt ( available from Danceworld or from )
White Ballet Shoes and socks
Grades 4 and 5
Freed short sleeved leotard
Boys shorts/stirruped tights
White Ballet Shoes and Socks 
Boys Character Shoes from Grade 1 upward.



Please Note:

It is not necessary to change uniforms until students have outgrown their current uniform, however the regulation colour must be worn for examinations.






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