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School Policy 


In keeping with School policy :


  • Killester School of Ballet and Modern Dance offers two terms per year, each term not less than 14 weeks duration. This may be revised only due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Fees are due at the beginning of each term, unless an alternative agreement has been made with the directors.

  • There is a cap of €550 fees per family per term regardless of the number of classes taken.

  • The required dress code including grooming should be adhered to. From Pre-Primary upward the regulation uniform must be worn. Jewellery should not be worn for health and safety reasons. Up to and including grade 2 hair must be in tidy ponytails. From grade 3 upward a bun is compulsory.

  • Students should behave in a respectful manner to teachers and fellow students and should expect to be treated with respect.

  • Killester School of Ballet and Modern Dance is responsible for the students during class time only.

  • While on the premises of St. Brigid’s Parish Resource Centre, students must behave appropriately and younger children must be supervised and behave with respect to other activities taking place in the centre.

  • Parents must inform the Directors if their child has any special needs, allergies, relevant medical information.

  • Guidance in the dance class may involve a “hands on” approach. This will be done in a professional and appropriate manner and only when verbal communication is ineffective in achieving the desired result.

  • Safe teaching is our priority and while every effort is made to ensure that injuries do not occur during class, Killester School of Ballet and Modern Dance will not be responsible should such occur.

  • Students taking examinations or preparing for a show are expected to attend all classes and any necessary extra classes. Any student who is absent more than twice in the two months prior to such events may be asked to withdraw from the event.

  • The final decision regarding examination entry is with the directors.

  • The directors should be notified of an absence of more than two weeks.

  • Every effort is made to adhere to the term schedule, however in the event of an unexpected unscheduled closing notice will be given on the website and on facebook/instagram. In the event of extreme weather conditions please consult our website/facebook/instagram pages.

  • While older students are encouraged to join approved Youth Ballet Companies and to take Master classes elsewhere, Killester School of Ballet and Modern Dance activities should take priority over these.

  • Permission from other parents is mandatory for any photography or filming of children within the school. Photography or videos of classes may not be posted on any social media sites.

  • Any problems may be discussed with the appropriate teacher either by appointment or by phone (preferably mornings).

  • Killester School of Ballet and Modern Dance in fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

  • Both RAD and ISTD teaching members are required to update their CPD qualifications regularly and all teachers at Killester School of Ballet and Modern Dance are fully compliant with this. 

  • As Covid-19 is an ongoing concern, students should not attend class if they have any symptoms.

  • Whereas mask wearing is no longer compulsory we are very accepting of any students who wish to wear a mask in class.

  • Teachers may wear a mask at their own discretion depending on the Covid situation at the time.

  • Our Covid guidelines are subject to change following government advice.

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